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    • I want to specify 1 point perspective, can I do that?
    • That can help to create a repeatable style.
    • That was / is very helpful. Thank you for making this.
    • I prefer Leonardo.AI (a stable diffusion variant) due to its faster processing, better options (privacy, finetuned models, less censorship in prompts) and pricing. Midjourney is superior in image quality by my tests, but not by a huge margin. Best regards Mattes
    • Midjourney introduces two new features that make it easier to generate additional variations of an image: Repeat and Permutations I'll explain how they work in a moment - but here's the catch: These features are only available for the most expensive paid version (PRO for $60 per month), as they consume huge amounts of processor power. Introducing the Repeat feature Type --repeat with a number are your job to run that job that many times. For example /imagine cats --repeat 5 will create five 2x2 grids of cats Try mixing this with other arguments like --chaos to radically increase your pace of exploration Introducing the Permutations Feature With this function you can define a large number of jobs with different word combinations in one go- A simple example of permutations: /imagine a {cyberpunk, vaporwave, art deco} (cat, dog) This will generate all the following jobs /imagine a cyberpunk cat /imagine a vaporwave cat /imagine a art deco cat /imagine a cyberpunk dog /imagine a vaporwave dog /imagine a art deco dog You can even nest {} inside other {} - but be careful, this can quickly escalate into extremely many jobs.... /imagine A {sculpture, painting} of a {seagull {on a pier, on a beach}, poodle {on a sofa, in a truck}}.
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