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Two New Midjourney Options: Repeat and Permutations

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Midjourney introduces two new features that make it easier to generate additional variations of an image:

  • Repeat and
  • Permutations

Bildschirm­foto 2023-04-06 um 12.41.34.pngI'll explain how they work in a moment - but here's the catch: These features are only available for the most expensive paid version (PRO for $60 per month), as they consume huge amounts of processor power.

Introducing the Repeat feature

Type --repeat with a number are your job to run that job that many times.

For example /imagine cats --repeat 5 will create five 2x2 grids of cats Try mixing this with other arguments like --chaos to radically increase your pace of exploration

Introducing the Permutations Feature

With this function you can define a large number of jobs with different word combinations in one go-

A simple example of permutations:

/imagine a {cyberpunk, vaporwave, art deco} (cat, dog)

This will generate all the following jobs

/imagine a cyberpunk cat

/imagine a vaporwave cat

/imagine a art deco cat

/imagine a cyberpunk dog

/imagine a vaporwave dog

/imagine a art deco dog

You can even nest {} inside other {} - but be careful, this can quickly escalate into extremely many jobs....

/imagine A {sculpture, painting} of a {seagull {on a pier, on a beach}, poodle {on a sofa, in a truck}}.

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