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Midjourney niji style

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"Niji" (pronounced nee-gee) means rainbow in Japanese. It is special experimental midjourney algorithm for significantly improved anime styles and images. It is a separate, standalone algorithm which can be enabled/disabled in the /settings or can be added as a --niji parameter to a prompt.

Alternatively there is even a Discord Niji server in cooperation with Spellbound and Midjourney, also with the goal to make the niji algorithm even better.

The mode works best with typical anime/manga motifs. I used the following prompt as an example:

wide angle shot of a gigantic mechagozilla destroying a futuristic scifi megacity












Now I added the prompts anime, manga:












Next I tried with --niji parameter:












Optimized it with additional anime, manga prompt:












Finally I also added different anime styles like naruto, pokemon and dragon ball z:

spacer.png  spacer.pngspacer.png

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